Joel Cirera (Crazy Lixx): «We are a retro band? This is 100% true!»

Putting out the album «Ruff Justice», Swedish glam metal titans Crazy Lixx proved they are alive and well even after the replacement of two guitar players. The album «Ruff Justice» was one of the best albums of 2017. The band also returned to Russia last year to play two shows in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The latest was a tough one and everything that could go wrong went wrong, but the band didn’t give up and finnished this short Russian tour in triumph. We got in touch with the drummer Jeol Cirera to discuss everything mentioned above and some more. 


The band was added to Melodic Rock Festival in the States recently. So how does it feel? What are your thoughts about this very first appearance in the USA?

The feeling is great! We have been longing to come and play in the States so we are very excited about it.

You were in Russia 2 years ago, so what are your brightest memories about that show in Moscow? Did you like the shows last year? Wasn’t it disappointing to see such a small crown in St. Petersburg?

Last year was a really cool experience. We didn’t even know if we had a fan base in Russia so when so many people came to the show and wanted autographs and pictures, we got very humble because people actually give a shit about us. I won’t lie and say that St Petersburg was our best gig ever but even though it was a small crowd they were very happy to see us and that is always fun. Moscow was bigger and better so it all and all, it was a fun trip.

When Crazy Lixx lost 2 guitarists Danny was very skeptical about the future of the band. Was there a moment when you were close to put the band on ice?

Oh yes. Very much so. I´m pretty sure that if we had not Jens Lundgren already, more or less, in the band we would probably not continue. We had a long talk and we said that we should give it one last go and thankfully we did.

By the way, how did you manage to find such an amazing players like Chrisse Olsson and Jens Lundgren? Is it enough to be a good musician to get a job in Crazy Lixx?

We were VERY lucky. Both of them live in the same town or nearby and we knew Jens from before, he had helped us at two shows earlier that year, and we did not really know anything about Chrisse but he came in and did a wonderful job. Just listen to those guys play! You can tell they are really gifted musicians. You have to be a good musician but also we have a good chemistry in the band now.

 “Ruff Justice” is hell of an album. Did it bring you new fans and change your status already?

I believe so yeah. We got to show the fans that we were not dead yet and we brought probably our best record to date with the last album. But the songs in the videogames really took us up one step further since new people have gotten to hear us through the game. I have kids at my workplace that are playing the game and have no idea that it is my band that they are hearing.

Are you satisfied with Frontiers Music? Is there an interest in Crazy Lixx from bigger labels?

We are very happy with them. There is always a desire to get bigger but that is more about the band progressing and Frontiers are a label that down to earth and easy to work with.

The band used to record its albums during 2 or 3 weeks working hard in studio but since a while you decided to record tracks here and there when you have time for that. Does this method pay off? What are the cons and pros of this way of recording?

It is a lot easier foremost. We don´t have to take vacations from work or stress in the studio. Now it´s more: «Ok we have two songs ready, let´s record them» and that gives the album diversity because if we would have recorded a whole album at once, the songs would be more of what we felt for at that moment. When you spread out the recording it gets fresher in a way. The only negative is that it can be hard to get everyone together at the same time to record.

In different interviews Danny said that the new album “Ruff Justice” has that feel which you’ve been missing since “New Religion”. Can you comment on this? Was he talking about any musical aspects or wass it all about the band’s chemistry?

No it´s more of a feeling and sound that we had been missing from «New Religion». We tried to do something different with «Riot Avenue» and that hit us hard. The fans got confused, I believe, and it took a long time to recover.

Chris Laney was also involved in the making of the new album. It seems you are very good team with him. Tell us a bit about his contribution to “Ruff Justice”. Is there anyone else you want to work with?

No. Chris is really good and knows what we want. We have no reason to go somewhere else.

Would you like to write a soundtrack to a movie like “Trick or Treat”? And what is your opinion about videogames? Do you like them?

I would love to have more music represented in movies and games. It’s a cool way to get promotion and it´s fun reading the comments in the different forums. I play from time to time but not that much anymore.

Was it easy to get Sandra Reiche involved in your video “Hunter of the Heart”?

Yep. We asked how much and she answered and that was that.

What influenced he band to write such songs like “Snakes in Paradise” and “Judas Kiss”? Did Danny feel betrayed when Edd Liam and Andy Zata left Crazy Lixx?

No, it’s more about religion. We have no grudges with them so we didn’t need to write those kind of songs.

Some people consider Crazy Lixx as a retro-band which tries to reinvent an old formula. What can you say in response to these people?

That´s a 100% true. The whole idea of Crazy Lixx from the beginning was to reenact the sound and music that we loved when we were kids. But at the same time I feel that Crazy Lixx have a sound of our own in that sence that makes us interesting.

Some older musicians say that younger bands are safe and miss that feeling of rebellion. What is your opinion on this? Do you think rock music must be necessarily shocking?

Not at all. We don´t participate in any drugs and have never been in fights or a need to be rebels. We wanted to make good music and that´s that. I think it is strange because we sometimes meet young bands that think that they need to live up to the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll thing and that´s strange to me since all the rockstars have written books about their lives and saying that they wished they didn’t do some of the things they did, but still the younger bands seem to feel that it´s all about the SDR instead of music. We don´t mind neither sex or alcohol but the music comes first.

The thing I’ve always tried to understand: there are tons on cool and talented rock and metal bands in Sweden. Why is that in your opinion? By the way, what do you think about bands who play heavier music like Air Raid, Ambush or Enforcer?

I´m and old fart so I have very little knowledge of the new bands, but the bands I have met during the years have been great like H.E.A.T. and Avatar. Maybe it is something in the water…

It’s a common knowledge that the name Crazy Lixx comes from the Japanese electric toy guitar which was actually called Hot Lixx, but did you consider any other names to the band?

Yeah but by that time we were pretty established as a band so it didn’t make sense changing.

The band celebrated its 15th anniversary last year. Is it quite a big deal for you that you reached this point still doing music? What would you mark as your biggest achievements over these years?

Of course. Being able to still do this after so long is incredible. The biggest ones are the Sweden Rock festival and Bang Your Head festival but as a gig by ourselves I would say the first time in Moscow. That was a highlight for me.

 If you had to define Crazy Lixx’s mission what it would be? What can you do better that anyone else? 

We don´t have a mission. Just doing what we do and hopefully we can do this for 15 more years.

Feel free to share anything you want with your Russian fans.

Thank you all for coming out, when we come and play! It means the world to us.